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A guide to quickly getting up to speed when you join Tenancy Stream.

So one of your team has suggested you take a look at Tenancy Stream and see how it works, you are all remote working and the use of email has led you to a point where you are crossing over on tasks, not quite in sync with jobs, wondering if that gas certificate has been planned for that house and we guess you’re ultimately considering just how you’re going to get access to a property when everything is in lockdown. After a few weeks now you’re kinda over email, as it leaves you out of the loop closed off and cold, but you’re also getting the feeling that some people are working collaboratively. They are!

In Tenancy Stream there is no empty inbox, just a chat stream channel waiting for you to step into and connect with.

Start at the beginning, the best place to hey!

When you join Tenancy Stream like all communications platforms there is a little bit of admin to do to just get the right people into your coms, keep in mind those people could include workmates, agents, landlords and tenants. Find the most vital contacts 1st and invite them, for most they are landlords and tenants.

You just joined Tenancy Stream, superb - what now? 1

Gather your properties and add to Tenancy Stream

Its worth remembering that a property is simply a communications channel for you to start to collaborate and messaging your connections, get those things around the property sorted. They can be a wide range of issues and if you’re not using services like Homeserve to get things done, you’ll need to be organised.

You just joined Tenancy Stream, superb - what now? 2

Just adding 1 property to Tenancy Stream gets you started

One of the great features that we are building out to offer the greatest value for users is an advanced search, what this means is you can easily access old messages, links and task records all in one place. You can quickly get a feel for how things work for any stream channel, property or contact inside Tenancy Stream. You can see who has looked at an issue within a property and who managed the task flow and eventually got things sorted. (Plus you can join the stream chat)

Add a new property on Tenancy Stream

That was easy! Your chat stream channel on Tenancy Stream is live.

By adding a property to a channel it allows you a couple of features to be activated, those being notifications and email notifications if issues come up and conversation is being had within a property stream. Notifications are so powerful to help get things done in a timely fashion.

Your property is live on Tenancy Stream.

How about inviting your tenants ‘to’ come and join you.

Tenants will love you when you join Tenancy Stream and that love can last for years, on a recent article on Jostle Corey Moseley highlighted the no1 reason why people collaborate is to “help us to solve a problem”.

Creating your 1st chat stream channel will revolutionise your communications.

There’s no limit to the problem and conversations you can have with your tenants, and once you start using the stream feature, you’ll find that ist all works quite seamlessly. Your teammates will be able to do their nest work by being able to access all the messages that might have happened between the team and the tenants.

no1 reason why people collaborate is to “help us to solve a problem”

Corey Moseley
Add a tenant on Tenancy Stream

Your tenants and you online, on Tenancy Stream

The relationship you have with your tenants is best made through a trust of knowing that things are being taken care of correctly. Inside the tenant’s records, you can add simple basic information on the tenants and basic details. Simple profile information, and if they add an image which many do, Tenancy Stream will become a very familiar window into each other’s communications and collaborations space.

You just joined Tenancy Stream, superb - what now? 3

And we’re live… Let’s communicate, collaborate and get things done.

So that’s the admin bit all done. The platform is now ready to go, your chat stream channel live. Keep it simple and start a chat, find out how things are.

You just joined Tenancy Stream, superb - what now? 4

The platform is now ready to go, your chat stream channel is LIVE!

James Thorn – Tenancy Stream Co-founder

Keep everyone in the loop with a simple message to all.

In an age where we have learnt to work from home, learn that remote working is not so easy if you’re not on good broadband! We have also learnt that conversation matters. When we collaborate we have the ability to talk more fluidly about things, getting those chats started is the key.

You just joined Tenancy Stream, superb - what now? 5

Get Started

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Tenancy Stream is in Free Preview Release until 1st June 2020. Until then, you can create your account, communicate, collaborate and message for free, and earn Founder Member status.

After 1st June 2020, we will move to the pricing below, with significant discounts for Founder Members. Sign Up now, or view the pricing and FAQs below.

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