Collaborative Property Management: Join A Better Way To Work.

When we started to build Tenancy Stream we knew there was a hidden cost to managing and living in rented accommodation.

It was the cost of “happiness”, and only some people knew this.

Happiness is worth £2bn from the calculations we have worked up.

Until recently (pre-pandemic and lockdowns) the key relationship in the property industry was with the landlord, property owner, developer, the person who paid for the services of property management.

But, with the introduction of NO evictions, mortgage holidays and a society pulling together to bring everyone into safe housing, things have changed.

The tenant has always wanted a safe, warm place to live. The property management industry has in the whole delivered that.

But, from time to time, the focus would have been on one side. What we have been learning is tenant happiness has more value than just paying the rent.

There is a point in a tenancy when “communications” and “expectations” change and they can be made stagger or fracture.

The costs of this fracture/ stagger is worth £2bn in the UK.

Does good communication really add up to that much? We think so.

This is where Tenancy Stream is building, inside the fracture.

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