Collaborative Property Management: Join A Better Way To Work.

One of the most important questions that many forward-thinking managing agents will be asking now is “are we a tech-first business”.

In an era where tenants are more connected to there world than ever before, we’re waiting for things to be done is just too slow and communication expectations are based on an instant reply, managing agents can really turn an advantage for himself if they harness AI, cloud-based technology and property management App. All of which help in the management of and communications around tenants. 

We’re in the era of communication super mobility, where communication anywhere at any time is no longer a commercial property management luxury but a non-negotiable necessity at the most basic level of property management. 

Let’s just think about communication in a bit more detail, Facebook founded in 2004 has lead the change that we feel a lot of businesses have missed connecting with, the fact that regular communication creates value, for both the person sharing information (because it creates some kind of social value, future value) and to the person receiving the information (because of the learning value).

Do you need a tenant management and communication App 1

Property management businesses could take a look at changing how they value communication, how often they communicate and what those communications lead to. See communications as valuable in themselves, good communication creates trust, trust creates opportunity, opportunity leads to sales. Perhaps in the post Covid-19 world this is now the order of value. More “are we communication first” than are we “tech first”. 

Today it seems like there is much greater opportunity to improve communications between tenants, property managers and self-managing landlords.