Collaborative Property Management: Join A Better Way To Work.

Let’s learn to navigate the challenges of remote property management together because it’s changing fast.

Remote Property management is the future for many many managing agents, over the last 100 days every managing agency has learnt that remote working can work, and very effectively too, especially true when you have all the communication and management systems you require to maintain a superb level of customer service for both tenant and landlord.

“Property management businesses can feel a sense of freedom when they are connecting to their tenants through Tenancy Stream, remote property management has never been this simple” says James Thorn founder of Tenancy Stream, “streams ebb and flow and keeping inside that flow gives you power, gives your tenants a sense of security, trust and loyalty and your landlords a boost of value you provide”.  Tenancy Stream, provides one simple system for all your conversations, compliance and maintenance requests.

Your tenants are communicating offline, bring them into a property stream you control: There are millions of tenants communicating face to face every day with each other, about things that they want to get done, sorted and fixed. More than ever considering the Covid-19 lockdown do we find ourselves questioning the spaces we live in and just how we get what we want from that space. We’re learning that our home needs to have clearer spaces, more organised rooms, safer houses, warmer houses, and better WiFi. The list goes on and on, simply somewhere that is a better place to live and work. Increasingly those tenants are messaging through Tenancy Stream, collaborating with managing agents and landlords.

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Businesses are starting to see the benefit of using Tenancy Stream to communicate to their tenants through sharing property streams. The stream is where information can be shared in real-time with everyone who is involved with the property and its management, creating a sense that everyone is in the loop. Colleagues are using the streams to collaborate. Having the discipline to all communicate and collaborate about the same property in one place, is saving precious time and building new super-powered results so valuable to many in property management.

Communicating via a single or multiple property stream not only improves communication and messaging efficiency but also overall productivity of a team and is helping transform managing agents businesses.

Make your management team a success: If you have a new starter that comes into your property management business and you want them to come up to speed quickly on all the property management issues and information, you’ll find that giving them an email inbox to look back on will provide hours and hours of dead-end learning, but by looking at a collaborative property stream its easy to find out who is doing what and how far things have got to in real-time, easy to just pick up the stream of information & start working on it and get the results needed.

Your new starter could be in the customer service team, the property management teams or contractor relationship teams, or you could be a small agency and the lot gets done by one person. The Apprentice Academy listed the 7th of 15 priorities to “try not to ‘data dump’ on the employee’s first day” Tenancy Stream allows for new starters to come up to date with the flow, kill off email let new starters learn through Tenancy Stream.

No matter the size your property management business there are advantages to be gained by bringing new starters up to speed fast in line with the flow.

What and how are things getting done through Tenancy Stream property streams: There are the obvious things that are getting sorted through the property streams and then there are the less obvious and we would go so far as saying the obscure things, the more we find people using Tenancy Stream to connect the deeper relationship become. 

  • Gas certification is being organised and other tasks around utilities.
  • Coordinated property management with outside contractors, allowing for faster agreement and job approvals.  
  • Creating a direct line with tenants, resolving issues quickly,  efficiently and building trust.
  • Sharing and syncing information on the status of jobs around the property, including getting small wall repairs done, front gates needing repair, gas box cover needing re-hanging all being done in real-time.
  • Keeping updated on how things progress at our desktop website which can be easily accessed on a mobile phone and is optimised to be easy to read and stay updated. 
  • Other features on the platform allow for there to be regular notifications and keep everyone in the loop. 

Active agents working their property streams: In Leeds, Tudor Properties is using the property streams to drive its customer service forward, keep not only connected to tenants but also to landlords and contractors all in real-time. If Tudor can get things fixed quickly they are able to keep everyone in the loop with a shared instant update for all parties, which allows for everyone to relax knowing things are firmly in hand and all the transparency is there to be seen by all.

Collaboration as a competitive edge: All organisations need to work with people outside their walls. Working more effectively with partners makes organisations more efficient, more competitive, and more successful.

No more fragmented work. With shared channels, everything is in one place—no more context switching between inboxes, apps and documents with partners and vendors. No more lack of visibility. Shared property streams make it simple to get (and stay) on the same page with external teams. Now everyone knows what’s going on.

To get started with Tenancy Stream just check out our pricing and FAQ page or just signup and give it a try.

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