Collaborative Property Management: Join A Better Way To Work.

There are many things we miss with remote working, good coffee is one of those because the best coffee shop is always the one on the way to the office, socialising face to face with the team we work with because it makes it easier to work through new ideas is a second and the third is managing creativity can be more dynamic face to face in an office space.

The dramatic change from office to remote working for many in the property industry means a great deal of pressure has been put on individuals and teams to try and stay connected, feel aligned to the same priorities and get work done with the same meaningful results.

Will businesses be able to maintain the same levels of service, revenue and profit by having a large portion of there workforce work remotely? The online business Remoters says most are already doing telecommuting successfully, most of Silicon valley see remote working as the way forward, so let’s move to full remote working for the property industry.

Tenancy Stream is being designed and developed in real-time to do this, to allow full remote working for the property industry. As a property-based messaging platform, all your communications and work, files and tasks can be organised in one place and accessible for all from just about anywhere. Tenancy Stream makes life easier to find out what’s going on, manage and collaborate effectively with your teammates, tenants, landlords, partners and contractors and, make sure things get done as effectively as possible.

Coffee, and remote working with Tenancy Stream 1

Here are three top reasons why remote property management teams should get started using Tenancy Stream.

1 – Great success requires great communication, and great communication comes from many parties all working together for the same purpose. Great communication does convert into social currency and referrals follow.

Tenancy Stream is a platform that allows all the parties to connect when they want, how they want, all together in the property stream. No matter whether your agency is a team of 2 or 6 and managing social distancing rules your remote working success will depend on how successfully you communicate.

2 – Happy tenants equal happy landlords, and we know that happy landlords lead to retained management contracts. We all know it’s easy and more profitable to maintain a contract than find new ones, contract management is part of what we are aiming to simplify and is all built on our optimised communication channels found in the property streams.

3 – Angry tenants cost time, money and reputation, and profits. We have found in your research that empty houses have a significant impact on managing agents incomes.

It’s no different for any management service business, customer retention week on week, or year on year builds businesses and the downside of a lack of retention as experienced by Airbnb over recent months an important lesson on getting the business model correct.

The core of Tenancy Stream is a single, central dashboard. Your “property stream” of communication. You add your properties, invite your tenants, and start talking.

That means no more patchwork of emails, voicemails and spreadsheets. Whether you’re messaging an individual or keeping everyone in the loop, it’s all right there. A simple, searchable record.