Collaborative Property Management: Join A Better Way To Work.

In this interactive Deep Dive Live with Tenancy Streams’ founder James Thorn , we will examine some of the challenges of remote working and how technology can play a key role in addressing these.

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We will look at how you can improve your visibility and control over tasks, identify inefficient and problematic processes and increase efficiency through automation.

Our recent Tenancy Stream survey, and subsequent discussions, we identified that property management teams are experiencing a number of challenges whilst working from home (WFH). This includes team collaboration and visibility and control over the many tasks that take place during a periodic cycle.

We also found that, unsurprisingly, there is an increased demand being placed on an already busy property management team. More than ever it is critical that we are working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Key to achieving this is the automation of manual tasks so that the team can concentrate on more strategic activities and, as important, maintain a sensible work/life balance.

This session will examine how organisations of all sizes can quickly and easily improve and change the way their property management team works, taking a small step on the road to digital transformation.

Attend live to hear more on:

1. The challenge of managing remote teams
2. How you can see and control activities and tasks
3. Reducing the periodic spikes inactivity (“flattening the curve”)
4. How to automate manual tasks (such as agreements, communications and management etc.)
5. Market timing and execution
6. How you can make this happen now when you need it most
7. Building a platform for the future


James Thorn Sales Director and Founder

Phil Argent CEO