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How do you find new private landlords who could benefit from your property management services?

Change is Happening Faster than Ever in the Property Industry.

Marketers face a confusing landscape, continuous change, and the constant need to learn new skills. Even with calls for transparency, a PwC analysis showed that 15% of digital spend today goes to “unknown” sources (ISBA), and privacy regulations and technology changes are creating even more tumult.

With digital disruption accelerating, the status quo isn’t good enough anymore. Tenancy Stream helps property marketers take control of their digital media, drive internal change, and run digital campaigns with greater efficiency and results.

How do you find landlords when they don’t seem to have an obvious presence, they have no websites, they do no promotion and they have no business social media channels.

Tenancy Streams utilises our advance AI systems and machine learning to find new opportunities for marketers in the property industry. We can share with you just how that done by contacting one of our digital media consultants.

Smart Marketers are Taking a New Approach

Media Advisory

Tenancy Stream consultants assess your digital media maturity and provide strategies to maximize the value of your digital investments, strengthen your digital media performance, and improve the transparency of your digital media spend. We guide marketers with roadmaps to design and build effective teams, train on new skills, and plan effective campaigns.

Media Activation

Whether you need a partner to fully plan and deliver digital campaigns, fine-tune and personalize digital ads and site content for better performance, or just need an extra layer of support for troubleshooting and learning new advanced techniques, Tenancy Stream helps you get it done.

Media & Audience Monetisation

Publishers and other site owners are challenged with making the most of programmatic sales channels, delivering on client expectations, and creating great experiences for readers. Tenancy Stream helps site owners get up and running with monetisation platforms, create effective sales and audience data strategies, optimise page revenue, and provide burst capacity for ad operations teams.

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