Collaborative Property Management: Join A Better Way To Work.

The future is “working from home” and the “safe de-densification in co-living spaces”. That’s two things we believe certain in the HMO property management industry following the disruption from Covid-19 that took hold of the UK in early 2020.

How can HMO property management professionals do things as they did in a world that whats something differently?

We’re finding that HMO property management in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Nottingham where there are larger numbers of student communities is now gathering more Government focus on making sure everything is legally correct and therefore HMO property managers need to stay one step ahead of this trend.

It’s now becoming a distant memory that multi-let property management (HMO’s) is something for landlords to take on and just sit back and let the money roll in. Professional HMO property management is now a major component of being a successful property owner in the multi-let property sector. HMO property managers or landlords need to be responsible for the property, its safety and the safety of the tenants.

HMO property management is coming under greater Government regulation in order to make things safer. What we see happening, which we think will eventually help HMO property management professionals, is, more regulations that will eventually lead to an HMO property MOT.

Sure that will mean slightly higher costs of management but it also means you can get much more organised around the management of your HMO property because you have to legally. Communication, collaboration and messaging between you the property professional, a landlord or managing agent, tenants or contractors is where the greatest value can be created.

How can HMO property professionals create greater value for their landlords and tenants? How does Tenancy Stream fit in and what it means from a return on investment point of view.

Property Management

The communications around regular checks, inspections, managing all maintenance works, repairs, arranging regular cleaning, managing builders, plumbers, electricians, etc to ensure property stays homely, welcoming and fully fit for purpose can be managed via Tenancy Stream. It’s easy for everyone to stay in the loop and collaborate to get things done. Communication between all parties done as efficiently as possible by anyone will create value, trust and get things done faster, that’s only going to save time and money.

Rooms Setup & Marketing

The communications around your property and rooms can be done seamlessly via Tenancy Stream, using our platform you can easily cross communicate with any tenants and this does give you the opportunity to sell services, we see our platform as something that a bit social.

Tenants Finding

Tenancy Stream can give you more time to take care of the marketing your properties for new tenants. It’s as simple as that, less focus on managing standard everyday communications and more time on building business. Try it now!

Tenants Management

Using Tenancy Stream you can manage and simplify all enquiries and maintenance requests from your tenants. Using Tenancy Stream you can better manage your property emergency calls and our customer success team is ready to respond and resolve any platform requests.

Utilities Management

By using Tenancy Stream you can better manage all utilities, including regular payments, suppliers change, resolving issues with support (including internet providers), arranging regular meter reading updates, etc, it’s all done by better communications, collaboration with tenants and contractors in one open place and making the most of messaging.