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The founding team at Tenancy Stream hint at the ways property management, landlords and contractors can work collaboratively to birth a new property industry, but it does mean killing off the use of email.

It’s no secret but the team at Tenancy Stream are big fans of zoom the collaborative voice conferencing tool. We’ve all realised in the last 100 days or so why we like it so much and its not the only collaboration tool we’ve picked up and used more recently other apps like and Trello are also high on our list of the must-use app in the current world of lockdown, work from home and remote working.

How email killer Tenancy Stream plans to ignite change in property management for the good of all. 1

I think it’s going to be useful to share a personal example.

As a tenant and landlord (I’m currently between cities moving and have a house to buy and sell), I have learned that there are some things that I just should do and could do but depending on the typical communications channels my tenants use or my landlord uses I have a bowl of spaghetti of tasks and communications channels to deal with to get anything done. One part of information goes here, the next part goes there and so on. Nothing seems to work as things do in my day job where I work collaboratively. Which started to form a view that perhaps email and Whatsapp are NOT doing what we think they are doing. It’s painful. Very. We need to kill off email.

Synchronized collaboration is how we now work

Phil Argent CEO Tenancy Stream

Working remotely has changed the property industry for good, and it’s not a bad thing, it was due the change. Communication, collaboration and messaging technology for 10 years or so have now have made it possible to work in synchronized collaboration, which is very powerful. It’s not a brand new idea to work remotely and collaboratively some industries have picked it up faster than others, some apps have been building the perfect experience. Google G Suite for example, lets teams and businesses do more than email and Google knows this, Google Sheets, Docs, Forms and Slides let many people work on the same thing at the same time. This improves productivity, collaboration and business performance by getting things done swifter.

Zoom has given us direct video access to the most remote of areas, and areas inside of people personal space traditionally. I guess now we have given ourselves and companies we work for access to our private spaces maybe there is no turning back which for many might bring a new life to things before impossible. I can imagine getting a site visit for a plumber quote being done over zoom, why not saving £75 for the quick inspection), if by open communication, collaboration and messaging we can get things done much more safely and efficiently why wouldn’t we. This will also help companies like Homeserve and Virgin Media better manage their contractors.

Underutilised remote workers are worth more to companies

Harvard Business Review

Having recently heard about the value of connecting many people to each other to get things done at the Harvard Business Review, who focused on the points that underutilised remote workers are worth more to companies because of the network effect that have by supporting each other with tasks. I also learnt that modern workplaces are gradually getting more collaborative than we realise (we at Tenancy Stream realised this a few years back). Working next to someone is not working collaboratively. It’s more about the individual’s ability to build value within a team, working on projects at the same time even if you can share a coffee with them in the face.

How email killer Tenancy Stream plans to ignite change in property management for the good of all. 2

What we are trying to do at Tenancy Stream is essentially meet the property industries demands to be able to now work in a synchronised manner remotely on many tasks and properties. A stream of tasks running at the same time, as opposed to an end to end control system. The rise of social media has given us all the ability to shout out for a plumber when we want one, our friends are working with us “we work together” to get things fixed in real-time. It’s powerful if you haven’t tried it. Give it a go next time you need of an out of hours service, just ask on Facebook. I find it such a valuable way to also check out best places to go to, buy checking out what people say about a place in conversation “do you know a good veg box company in Leeds”, we’re not on an assembly line anymore, but a powerful many to many network, vast untapped power.

The managed assembly line of task management no longer works

Phil Argent CEO Tenancy Stream

With an assembly line, you need the 1st task to end before the next begins, but what happens in collaborative businesses now is tasks, projects and documents are syncing in real-time, we now see that we can trust the many aspects of a network to pick up and complete the next task, idea, recommendation which all becomes more efficient for all. The over managed assembly line of task management no longer works. Everyone wants to be able to see just how their bit of the whole tasks connects to the whole. We see the microtask sitting in sync with the macro tasks. The old ways just isolate people and hides value for all.

So synchronized collaboration is how we now work whilst working from home, remote working and sharing our private space for business use. Do we think the world that we now live in could have existed at all if we only depended on email, no we would be dead, and I think people are waking up to the weakness of one to one messaging tools like email and WhatsApp. The email and WhatsApp has its place, Tenancy Stream our platform provides one simple system for all your conversations, compliance and maintenance requests. Simple. Searchable. Accessible from anywhere.

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