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I’ve recently moved house, I’ve also recently sold and bought a house, I’ve also rented a house, and I also run a proptech platform, so I guess I’d be an expert on boxes for moving house?

Well I am now, but I wasn’t when I started and that shows, some of the boxes I haven’t yet unpacked.

Now thing this, with our businesses have we made enough time to truly get the right things in the right box? Did we move those boxes and have we actually had the opportunity to unpack the boxes correctly? Or at all?

I’ve come to realise that how we do this simple task of packing boxes affects everything we do, the success of what we do and how we can move on again when we need to.

If I knew that 9 of my boxes that I packed would have been emptied by week 3 of being in the new house, would I have packed them.

I’m thinking here that this is the first time in nearly 13 months that I’ve had the chance to really unpack my boxes.

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