Collaborative Property Management: Join A Better Way To Work.

If you could have the perfect on campus student digs, you know a place that’s warm, has killer WIFI, has an awesome cooker (err chef housemate), and the list goes on…. wouldn’t you just go for it? Like signup today! The first year at university can be a huge experience and equally overwhelming for many. You can find your self away from home housed in a new location, without any connections, friends or any knowledge of the support services you could use. If you have to add to that that you have to do the new academic work, manage lifestyle changes and balance social connecting it can be a huge battle to get ahead and settle down.

Building a community around you and your student campus its accommodation is a good 1st place to start. Tenancy Stream offers you a place to go to make sure you have no issues whilst living at your new property and also connect with your housemates on getting issues around the house sorted, be it washing up to gas certificates, you don’t need those hassles.

In fact Prospects, a website that helps students select their career path by matching your skills and personality to a career path say that getting your accommodation sorted 1st is key to a happy and successful student life on campus or off campus.

it’s not surprising some students struggle with there mental health throughout uni. Creating a community within your student accommodation and on campus life is crucial, as it helps transition into a new lifestyle.

How do we see creating a community on campus?

We see this community building in 3 parts, go to the right events, find housemates with the same shared values and lastly have an issueless housing experience, it need not be in that order but helps if it is.

It all starts around events. An event is a place to find and discover new people without putting too much commitment into it, you never know who you might meet around the corner on-campus so at first keep everything lively and social, hold back on the “let’s do it”.

Whilst at your on campus events our tip is to listen closely to what people say they are doing, going to do next and are planning to look at. Whilst at these events you can discover social gems (also know as social currency which is all about the value of word of mouth), the activities people say they are doing or could be doing which they are looking for social endorsement on, kinda “if you think its a good idea and we go to that gathering maybe its something good to do? “. Social endorsed events get traction long before they happen, this is where communities that last for a long time are formed.  

Similarly, we think the housemates on campus or off campus that you get together with and stay together with are typically those that have shared values and like to live and cohabit with the same habits. One of the things that we know from past experience is if you chose the wrong housemates you tend to spend less time at home than you should, which costs you your much-needed cash.

You also find that you will struggle to get into academic work as and when the pressure is on. Good housemates make everything easier from doing shared shops, to shared meals to shared issue management when the time comes to get that odd job fixed around your house or flatshare. 

During a 3 year course, there is a typical scenario, which goes something like this. 

Year 1 – build your connections, community and friendships, live on campus if you can so you get as much exposure to uni life as you can.

Year 2 – move out of on campus living into shared group living, it’s cheap and fun, you will develop some closer connections which you can choose to maybe live within 3rd/ 4th year.

Year 3 – connect with people that you think give you support both mentally and emotionally and academically if that’s not too intense, you’ll know if its right. 

Lastly, we all want to live in good places, a place where we can feel warm and safe, we can’t help you directly find the best people to be with and have fun with but we may be able to help you and your housemates keep and manage that place you eventually find to live in, and in its self, we think that’s a good thing.

Keep safe, keep connected, and hope you have killer WIFI! (you can check that on a broadband speed checker!)

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