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Have you ever walked down the road, met someone you didn’t know to well and walk away inspired?

Well, this is what happened yesterday. I went for an end of day walk with the dog (Oban) and came across a neighbour.

We talked about stuff, and we talked about “what’s up” WhatsApp.

What I started to realise is there are some technologies that everyone should use, but for many, they simply pass you by.

WhatsApp has not passed us by, in fact, we have spent days and days, hours upon hours looking at how the features work and …… dare I say it, not work (I know what you’re thinking, WhatsApp is huge and worth billions, how can they possibly be doing anything wrong, and…. how does tenancy Stream think for a minute it has the know how to possibly look to advance the WhatsApp model).

But, let me say when I was a tenant, I knew very very well how WhatsApp failed me.

Now, what I’m not saying is that those property management businesses and tenants using WhatsApp are wasting there time using it, no that not my thinking, but in yesterdays podcast I talked about connecting the dots from an innovation point of view, and I think there are some features that we have built-in Tenancy Stream that for property managers and tenants the features work better than the way the features work on whats app.

Have you looked closely at the document features in WhatsApp? If you’re using WhatsApp on mobile, why would you be wanting to send and receive documents?

Have you ever wondered “who” cares about those blue ticks?

Here’s today’s podcast