Collaborative Property Management: Join A Better Way To Work.

Why use Tenancy Stream?

Change the way you work as a team, with external contractor and all your tenants. Companies are finding that team productivity, the speed and efficiency of property management, sales and lettings can change when communicating through streams, this allows for building more effective and productive long lasting relationships with everyone.

Why Tenancy Stream 1

What happens in the streams? What you have is a shared channel that we call a stream, and within that stream you have tenants, external contractors, teammates who can communicate with each other through manageable permissions set by you. Everyone can discuss the property management, manage issues, share files and keep everyone in the loop.  

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Some of the key features you can use of Tenancy Stream.



Every property and every agency team member can manage communications directly and as a team to landlords and tenants in real time.


Manage Documents

Throughout the whole life of a tenant, all your documentation can be easily managed and shared. You can search and find what you need when you need it.


Streamline Issues

Keep it simple, manage all your issues and tasks in real-time, and keep everyone in the loop. Managing issues and all the communications in one place.


Search Messages

If you want to keep a track of who is doing what and who said it was fixed or being fixed, search all your history through your property streams.

How to get started with Tenancy Stream?

1/ Create an account –

That super easy and free just follow the link here to get started.

2/ Add your properties –

To get started you can just ad 1 property and see how easy it is to get the system set up and running.

3/ Invite your teammates –

It’s a great idea to invite your teammates, we all understand that good property management is a team thing.

4/ Invite your external contractors –

The power of Stream is having the ability to communicate with all your external contractors and partners through one channel.

5/ Wait for your teammates, tenants and contractors to accept –

Go grab a coffee and just wait a bit, when your invites get accepted everyone will be on Tenancy Stream to communicate with.

6/ Join the many property management companies working together to create better living for all.

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