Collaborative Property Management: Join A Better Way To Work.

It will come as a surprise to no one that we’re pretty heavy users of Tenancy Stream here at Tenancy Stream. Very heavy users, in fact. Every day, we use Tenancy Stream to connect the properties we manage to us, to the tenants inside them and landlords or those properties. Our own product is at the heart of how we run the business. 

Over the last few months, things have changed, we like you have had to learn to do things differently and we are doing this to protect our families, our friends, the people we work with, the businesses we run, we are doing this to reduce possible infection.

Tenancy Stream like many companies has become 100% remote working, we were very much geared towards this anyway, but we have learnt to build our business to support how we do things and how we think other similar managing agent businesses could work.

We are often asked how do we do things and what are the best features of our platform, we’ll now is a good time to share some of what we use to keep everyone in the loop. We have a few easy tips for making the most of every day and keeping every managing agent productive in these times. If you would like to learn more about how we are managing properties using Tenancy Stream then please take some time to read other articles in our blog or get in touch with us directly.

At the heart of Tenancy Stream are individual communication channels for each property, we call these property messaging streams and the main aim here is to get connected with tenants. It’s a single channel that holds all messages sent and is most often used by us to share broadcast announcements on property inspections, cleaner visits, repairs around the property, we have also used it to make sure we communicate clearly on how to work and live during a lockdown and best guidance on health and safety.

Learn how to make most of the property messaging streams

We know that tenants want to be kept in the loop with anything they can, for one it’s the place they rent it’s there home and the second they want to look after there deposit. By using Email reminders to prompt tenants to login to Tenancy Stream we know that everything and everyone is safe, and that’s good for both the short term and long term for all including us the managing agent, the tenants and landlord.

Why don’t we just use email? Well, the advantage of keeping all communications and documents in one place is vast, it means any past communications are always easily accessible by all at any time by anyone via message search.

Learn how to manage email reminders

Every property that is commercially rented out has legal requirements to comply with especially gas safety. We use Tenancy Stream to make sure that every property and every tenant has accesses to any of their property documents at any time, we know that from time to time people like to know where they stand with things and want to easily access their documents.

Learn how to manage your document storage

Tenancy Stream on Tenancy Stream 1

We also use Slack and Google meet to bring our team together with daily catchups.

Over the month of May, we made a few changes to the layout of the app and we added in some updates to make things simpler for all to use. There were a number of updates throughout the app, a number of bug fixes and security updates.

We are constantly making updates to the platform, if there are features you would like to see on Tenancy Stream please make sure to contact us.