Collaborative Property Management: Join A Better Way To Work.

Working from home is popular. But is home an office? 

69% of us enjoy working from home and are making it work.

54% are more productive, which means you can get your day done in half the time!

17% have a pet working closely, which is nice.

30% consider remote work as reflective… which is quite powerful when you think about it.

Communication, collaboration and messaging have improved:

21% said their team communicates more, and have learnt to do so far faster than expected.

We’re home, and doing what’s required to keep “present”

50% miss the work-life separation, which is one reason why working from home for all won’t happen.

29% are working more at night, well its a flexible life life now. so work can fit in where it can.

An office is a great place, connecting, building ideas and far more valuable than just email answering silos.

44% miss their coworkers but don’t miss email.

We’re getting healthier, but dirtier, what does that mean?

42% call friends/family more and keep connected throughout the day.

17% shower less, but also bath more.

28% eat meals that are healthier and have a better food work balance.